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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Day....

Hello ALL!!  Well I've decided to start a blog to share and learn new things about card making and scrapbooking.  I absolutely love to make interactive cards, but I do not set aside the opportunity to make super cute regular cards.  Did I just say regular cards?!  I don't think there is even such thing as a "regular" card, there is always something special about any card that is made.  I'll just say that I just LOVE making cards!  I have learned that this love is an EXPENSIVE love so I would like to share my ways of cutting corners to make cards just as beautiful as someone else would paying for high priced items.  First and foremost I hit Craigslist, I scroll through cities around myself, my Momma, and my Mother in Law so if I see something I can snag it.  My second place to hit is Ebay, this option is a hit and miss but the way I see it if I get outbid, I know someone else will be selling the same item eventually so I need to be patient... or you know the other thought.. I just was not meant to have it.  For paper I go to Big Lots most of the time unless Hobby Lobby, Joannes, A.C. Moore, or Micheal's are having an awesome sale.  I love to hit up Scrapping Yard Sales too, when ladies see me with cash they are lining up to offer me the best deal.  So keep that in mind too, they may have a price listed on the item, but.... they are there to sell their items so they will haggle with you so both of you get what you want.  I have learned the more you purchase from one person the lower the price becomes.  As for purchasing my cricut cartridges, I will hit up the above, but there is a great website I go to for my Cricut needs...., love them!!  Free shipping with $50 purchase... hello!!  I recently made a purchase from them, I got three cartridges.  Just Because Cards, Robotz, and Mini Monsters plus a stamp set Sending Love by United Company for $63.00, uh yea, a great buy!!  Plus the free shipping... don't forget..... So there it is... my first blog... go me, go me, go me.... I will continue to post my new adventures of purchases and share my cards and layouts that I get put together.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy sharing it!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging. :)


AStack2000 said...

Thanks Niki!! Hope you're feeling better!!!