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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pain in my

MOUTH... ouch... 31 years old and I have my first tooth ache... ouch... So I'm not getting done as much as I would have liked to today.  I did manage to make it to the bank, Sam's and took some soup to a good friend of ours who is in quarters for 48 hours for having the yuck.  My husband as you know is in the Army and so is the friend I took the soup to, well David told me to tell our friend "You're a staff Sgt, suck it up and walk on"... Hahaha, I did, but I told him to suck up the soup and get better, I love paraphrasing.  I'm still waiting on my orders to arrive as well as my ebay winnings.  I received and e-mail notifying my scorpal tape is on it's way!!  As well as my Rubon Tape runners.  I can't wait to try those and let you in on if I think they're a great buy or not.  Any how I made it back in time to unload my car and head to my oldest son's school to pick him up.  Came home cleaned up a bit and made dinner.  Headed up here and literally stared at the computer screen for almost two hours trying to figure out why my lovely iPhone will not acknowledge wifi... it just says N/A and is grayed out... grrrargh... so I'm calling it a night... brushing my teeth and planning my call to my dentist to see why I have an ouch in my mouth when I take such great care of my meat grinders!!  Good night all!!!

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