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Monday, March 14, 2011


Yes I am excited on my deliveries to be from Ohmycrafts and sizzix.  I have to say that Ohmycrafts is super fast as far as shipping goes!  As soon as it says shipped I know I will have it in two to three days even though the e-mail says 5-7 days.  This is my first order from Sizzix so I'm not sure how the shipping speed will be with them as of yet.  I am ordering from as well, yes you can purchase cardmaking and scrapbook supplies from them too!!  I will be making my purchase tomorrow and I will give y'all the details when I do. is awesome when they have their free shipping or $1. shipping, so I tend to order from them when they have that sale going on. has a 30% off sale going on right now, but to be quiet honest has a better deal so I'd stick with them for now.  I will continue to search the web to let you know where the best deals are, until then.... I'm off, I've got some cards to work on!!  Have a great night!!!

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