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Friday, March 11, 2011

Second/Third Day....

Well so I did not make it yesterday to Blog or the day prior to that due to so much sadness and well relief so to speak.  We lost a sweet friend Chris Holt to cancer late Tuesday evening.  He fought hard since November, but in the end he can finally rest in peace with out so much exhaustion and pain.  His funeral is being held today back home in Texas at 1:pm so I want to get this done now so that I may spend that time remembering what fond memories I have of him.  I have also been notified as of yesterday my Grandma has been admitted to the hospital due to severe stomach pain and other issues.  As of now they have found that she has a mass on her right kidney and has diverticulitis.  They will be doing further testing today, and hopefully I will find out some good news.  I already have my bags packed to leave at a moments notice....

On a side note I have ordered Ohmycrafts newest stamp set "The Spin Cycle" by Our Craft Lounge, oh my gosh it's super cute!!!
Definitely go check it out, and ordered Unity Stamps "Could I Be Any Cuter"
I'm going back to purchase You+Me=Happy, Love Bug, Comfy Cozy and the most exciting one Retro Road Trip!!
I used a promo code of theirs GMCGC10 to get 10% off my order so I spent another $50, but FREE SHIPPING hello!!  AS soon as I get them I will make a card and post it... so excited!!  My husband probably not so much lol since I have been hiding in my Card Cave too much lately.  Happy Card Crafting and Creating!!!

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