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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feeling Better.....

Okay so yes I have been away for some time now but I am back but still no video for a while until I am all better.  I had to have emergency oral surgery last Thursday because I ended up with an abscess in my jaw/tooth.  My original dentist of which I am switching from because of this whole ordeal said that they could not get me in for another two weeks even after I told them that my face was starting to swell and my face ultimately HURT... "oh just take some aleve and put ice on it"..... hmmmm So I call my husband and tell him what they had said he said umm NO, I'm coming home and I'm taking you to the ER.  By time my husband got home the right side of my face was really swollen quiet noticeably.  So we get to WOMAC Army Medical Center around eleven in the morning, I get in quiet fast as I am pretty much seen in triage right off then given a fast track folder to go to admissions/registration.  We sit there I start to get nauseated and the pain proceeds to get worse so I go back to triage and they give me meds for the nausea and pain. By then it's one in the afternoon the swelling had pretty much taken over the right side of my face.  From my ear to the mid of my mouth, oh yea it looked like my husband had taken a 2x4 to my face, not that he would ever... probably thought of it... but never lol would.  I am called back and seen by SIX people to confirm oh yea there is something seriously wrong here!  Apparently I cracked my tooth and it went into my jaw causing an infection for what ever reason my immune system did not acknowledge it so it got bad super fast.  So I am immediately being told that they are calling in the best of the best dentist to get this taken care of NOW.  Which is great because when you're a dependent of a soldier you are usually shuffled off to a civilian care facility, being how things were as bad as they were they treated my case very fast and special!  In the end it took three hours to do a partial root canal, yes partial I have to go back to get it finished.  They expected a LOT of yuck (puss), but they didn't get any so that told them that I just had a severe reaction to this infection, but golly if I had waited the week like my dentist had told me... I'd be in a world of hurt!!  I am very thankful to Dr. Jerries, and everyone at the Womac clinic who took great care of me!  Thank you to all my family and friends who texted me and FB messaged me to make sure I was alright!  Hugs to all of you. 
On a side note I had to do a lot less talking so that meant let the voices in my head take over for awhile while I worked on my cards lol.... I will post pictures tonight after my lil men are in bed.  See y'all soon!

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