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Friday, May 13, 2011

Buzzz buzzz busy!

My goodness I have been crazy busy the past two days and today proved to be the epitimy of Friday the 13th!  Yesterday I went to take care of some much needed business ie... go to Joanne's and do some shopping!!  PetsMart...more shopping, WalMart...more shopping... oh I was supposed to do something too, my REGISTRATION!! Ugh..oops... So let me start with Joanne's, I was a little disappointed in them, but honestly it's my second not so happy trip there and sadly to say the second time I had EVER been in the store EVER... It started out with the glamorous 40% off signs EVERYWHERE and the $29.99 on EVERY CRICUT CARTRIDGE!!.. SAAAAWEEEET!  So I load up and I notice some really cute Earth friendly planters 50% off, so I grab two knowing I needed them for my plants that are out growing their original pots.  I get to the front counter excited that I will get to use my newly obtained 10% off entire purchase VIP card that I got through signing up for Creative Keepsakes club (super fun and awesome, when I can log on that is... whole different story lol).  Like I said I was in line and the young man started to ring me up and everything was doing great until they got to my cartridge.... they're OUT... huh?!what?!NO!!!! Okay no problem, can I get a raincheck?!... Clerk: "No, we don't offer rainchecks here" Me: No seriously... where do I get my raincheck (giggles) Clerk: (Looks at me funny) "No ma'am we don't give out rainchecks, when we run out of items for sale that's it"... Me: (in my head.... ) Son of a biscuit (seriously that's what I thought)... The manager told me that they "may" get in another shipment prior to the sale being over on the 21st, so I'm hoping to keep calling and checking in because I really wanted the cartridge I had picked up "Create-A-Critter".  A little devasted, I say okay lets keep going.... he gets to my planters and they keep coming up on the screen as "Do Not Tender", he calls the manager back to the register. Manager: "Oh we're not selling those anymore they should have been pulled from the shelf" Me: "Ma'am, there are a bunch of them over there with a sign that says 50% off and the sale doesn't end until June 21st." Manager: Oh well, they were not supposed to be there."  Me:  "I tell ya what, go ahead and ring me up for them, that's extra money the store will have in the till to go towards the nights sales." Manager: "Um no these are recalled so I have to take them down."  Well I'm already starting to get that feeling of I'm just being pushed aside and not wanting to be dealt with I further the conversation afer acknowledging the "RECALL BULLETIN"... hmmmm Home Works Earth Friendly Planter is not on the list..... Me:"Ma'am could you please excuse me but I don't see it on your list and I would really like to purchase these." Manager: "Oh I don't have the new list to put up yet.".... at this point I gave up.... okay defeated is not a lovely feeling but this was the straw that broke this woman's back... I get my total and I whip out my nifty VIP card to get my 10% off my purchase to be shot down...again... Clerk called the manager because he had never seen the card before... Manager (who at this point is probably sick of me lol as I am of being shot down)"Ma'am we do not honor those type of cards here"... What?!... Yea so I'm going to contact CK and let them know that my card was not honored at Joanne's as it states in the club package... it didn't say that it was only at "select" stores... its said "all" stores... So that was my trip to Joann'es.. boo... Yes I still plan on calling to see if they get the shipment of cartridges in so I can try to get the cartridge I've been eyeballing but hadn't been able to afford being a stay at home military wife.  PetsMart was less of a hassle this particular day... so I'll skip that... WalMart was also okay in my book. 
Friday 13th... I answer a CL (Craigslist) posting, a lady was selling Stampin' Up punches $5 each, so I jumped at it thinking it was a day old posting that they (all 7) had been snagged by someone else, but got a response that they had infact not been.  WOOT WOOT!  She resides in Durham (other side of Raliegh), I of course live in Lillington so a drive to Raliegh is an hour drive for me as it is so the lady said that instead of me driving all the way out there that we could meet in the middle.  That was awesome of her so after several e-mails we finally set a place and time.  Knowing I had to get our Nellie aka NellBell to the vet for routine shots and get her records for well... I'll get back to you guys on that later,at 11:30, then my oldest Son's school was having a Hooray for Little Readers Parade at 1:30, I knew I had to head that direction right after I dropped my son off at school this am at 8 to be there by 9:30.  It was a nice drive, little traffic even with me driving through down town Raliegh and after circling around a few times, asking a few people in the mall parking lot where the Barnes and Noble was, I get there.  I apologized for being a few minutes late I had a few turnarounds that Gabby (my Garmin) was turning me at so I had to ask people in the parking lot.  Woman "No problem, it only took me 30 minutes to get here.".... I stood there a little puzzled because I thought we were going to meet halfway... it took me an HOUR and HALF to get there.... sheeesh.  Ah well I got my punches and in hindsight she did give me a set of Stampin Up Stamps "Sweet Celebrations" to thank me for driving all the way out there.... ya... "Thanks, I don't have this set yet".... and I didn't so I'm over that... Off to the house to get Nellie, gotta rush because I'm running a little late now to make her appointment.  I get to PetsMart and the clerk asks why I am there.. Me: " I have an appointment" Clerk "To get the Health Certificate?" Me: "Well yes but she also has her routine shots" Clerk: "Okay, let me get your print out, (she prints it out and says) this is how much today will be"  She hand me a piece of paper and it says $286!!  I step back "Umm, what's this all about?! I pay for the wellness plan of $40 a month and now I have all of this?!"  So here's the deal and the surprise I was holding back on... We are PCSing to Hawaii!!  Fort Shafter here we come!!  Apparently we have to get a Rabies FAVN done (test to see how susceptible Nellie is to get Rabbies, as Hawaii is Rabies free) that costs $220!  Well let me give you the layout of the estimate sheet first:
Blood Sample Collect/Prep : $8.50 (covered under Basic Plus Care Plan) My cost $0
Professional Service Fee (Per Minute) 54.97 (covered ^) My cost $49.97
Rabies Shot: $23.95 (covered ^) My cost $0
Microchip: $29.95 (Not covered ^) My cost $29.95
Rabies, FAVN $220.00 (Not covered ^) My cost $220.00

To say the least I was SHOCKED!  Firstly Nellie has been ALWAYS up to date on her shots from the time we got her in April of 2008, she has always been a patient of Banfield so they should have the certificates to show she has had and is not due for another Rabie shot until 2013.  So why another shot?!  Secondly she is microchipped, we adopted through a shelter AT a PetsMart back when we were stationed at Fort Hood.  So why am I paying for another chip?!  Thirdly, Professional Service fee... 49.97 PER MINUTE?!?! uh no! Finally the Rabies FAVN... $220?! OUCH!  After arguing with the the "manager", yes it should be in their system that Nellie is up to date on her shots including her Rabies shot and she is microchipped and she of course telling I'm wrong.... I get to the back to see the vet because all else, I was going to get her shots then just not return to that facility.  I spoke to the vet and he said that they can call Killeen's location and get them to fax Nellie's previous rabies certificates so that will lower the price of the Prefessional Service Fee.  Me: "Seriously ya'll are going to charge me $49.97 per minute?!"  Vet: "What?!  NO, who told you that? Me: The paper says right there in parenthesis "per minute" then quantity it says 7, so I'm taking it will be seven minutes so seven times 49.97 comes to about $349, plus the front desk manager even said that was correct because it's a long and hard task to get all the information!" Vet: "oh no, no, no, no... 49.97 would be the total you pay, we really need to fix the wording and inform our employees of this" Me: "Yes that would be greatly appreciated but still, what about her chip, why am I having to get her another one?" Vet: "she has one?, (gets the scanner and beep beep beep beeeeeep), yup she sure does, that will lower the cost for you." Me: And the rabies shot?!" Vet "oh most definitely, I'll have the manager call your previous Banfield and we will get that straightened out."  So Nellie gets her shots and I head out to the check out counter and I get a new print out of the estimate... now down to $210.26.  Still very expensive so I'm going to check with my neighbor across the street who is an Army Veterinarian... how cool is that?!  To see if I go on post if I can get it done faster and cheaper there.  We are talking up to three months before we get the results, if that is the case we are looking at 120+ days in quarantine... VERY EXPENSIVE especially since we are taking our cat too.  So I leave there and look at the clock, it's 12:45, I've got to be at my Son's school by 1:30 for the "Hooray for Little Readers Parade" It takes me 30-45 min just to get to the house alone so I ended up taking Nellie.  The Parade was super CUTE and fun... I was a teary eyed proud Momma!  My son was waving and smiling and was even further excited that his little brother and I were there.  So in the end the parade made up for the not so great beginning.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I have a lot to do to prepare for next weeks hectic schedule but I will do my best to return and enter in some more challenges!  Oh and I forgot to take care of my REGISTRATION again lol... go me, go me, go me!  I'll get it done tomorrow... PROMISE lol!

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