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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello all

So we are back from Florida and I miss it already.  It has been hectic around the house as expected but I'm finally catching up... slowly, but it's getting done.  I have finished a few card challenges so I am excited about that.  I also started getting everything ready for my new cool project!!  I am actually a little behind on it because my printer ran out of ink... grrrargh!  I got the inspiration from a friend of mine from school back in the day.  This woman is soooo creative and inspiring so why was I surprised when she inspired me to do this new project?... okay so I wasn't that surprised lol. On facebook there is a "chain letter" going around called "The 30 Day Photo Challenge" and I thought what a great scrapbook this would make about ME!!!  The premises of the Challenge is that it gives you 30 "questions" to answer about yourself by using a picture to answer the questions.  I thought I could also apply this to my boys!! How FUN!!  So my goal was to start this the first of May but seeing how my printer was out of ink and I'm to cheap/broke to purchase new ink I'm going to have to go ahead and select all my pictures for this project ahead of time then each day, make the layout of which I will then share!!  So I will start my 30 Day Photo Challenge tonight!! I have to go to WalMart after I pick up my Munchkin from school, I hate making more trips than I have to due to the cost of gas, but from what I hear it's not going to get any better.  So that's it from me for now!!!

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