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Friday, September 23, 2011

Triple Threat Card...

Oh my goodness it's been TOO long since I've visited my own blog and posted anything!!  So, we are finally in Hawaii, have been since Sept 7, but as my fellow military families know it's really tough the first few weeks.  We do have a house but it will not be available until October 22 so it should be shortly after that we will be in a HOUSE lol.  Once we get into it we will have to call transportation to have our HHG (household goods) delivered then it's the daunting task of unpacking.  My little one had his 3rd birthday yesterday and it was pretty rough on me not being able to make him his Birthday cake... I ALWAYS make cakes... sigh... instead we let him pick one out and of course he picked out his presents and we celebrated at the restaurant in the hotel we are staying in... Oh yes... a hotel... A SMALL hotel room at that matter so it's been pretty rough on all four of us being cramped up in this room, but I think we will miss it too especially now that my oldest is in school now.  I miss spending the whole day with him and his brother.  Logan loves his new school and is making new friends, and loves his teacher.  Logan has been invited to his first Birthday party here in Hawaii, kind of short notice, but how could I turn down a great opportunity?!  I am super thrilled that we have been invited as well, gives us all a chance to get out of this room... don't get me wrong we have been having fun getting out and enjoying the beaches and scenery but we don't want to do it all at once.  So with that being said I made a super cute Birthday card for the Birthday boy.  I combined my favorite three elements in a card... Wiper... wobble and giftcard holder!!!
I hope Phillip enjoys it as much as I did/do!! Big hugs everyone and I appreciate the support!


Amy said...

OH WOW... I could write a book based just on this video........ I don't know if I should feel sorry for ya for having all your scrappin' stuff in a suitcase and only having that itty-bitty table... Or if I should just be tremendously jealous of that AMAZING view out your window... OR if I should just remain speechless over that ADORABLE "triple-threat" card!! Yes, you had some time off, but you are BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!! YAY!! I've missed you soooooooo much!! :)

Amy :) at

Nancy Keller said...

Girl, your priorities are right on point. :D I am so sad for your tiny craft space in your itty bitty room! I am positive I would be exactly the same way! LOL! I do love your card, I am not familiar with that kind of wiper technique so i'm gonna have to look it up. Looks like fun! Hope your birthday boy had a great day - I'm super excited for your move-in to your new home. Hope you have lots of great scrap space! :) Big hugs to you! More view, please! It looks beautiful there!