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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Toilet Paper houses... Never in my life time... *ahem*... okay I just plead the fifth... How about Toilet Paper Rolls and mini albums.... YES!!  I will admit to making mini albums from toilet paper rolls and I'll even post more evidence of doing so!  This one is for a VERY dear and close family friend and her beautiful Family... I just LalalaLove the Beza's... I miss Misty with all my God given heart but thank God for technology and we are able to stay in touch as often as we do!  I just love how appreciative of life and what life has to offer her.  Even when she is down and low and I mean low she keeps a smile on her face, she hides her pain... too well at times and it has scared me finding out how dire things were after the fact... but she now knows I will come after her if she hides the severity of things from me again... ahem.. yes you Ma'am... She and her family are now in Alaska and we are on the polar opposite being in Hawaii so I take every opportunity to share Hawaii with her as she shares Alaska with me.  I have put together a little something for my sweet family... Has anyone ever heard of "You've been Boo'ed"?!  OMG this is SUPER fun!!  So what you do is print out (making mine) a ghost with the poem and some goodies... be sneaky and leave it with care of not being spotted with your victim of choice ;0)  So this is part of the goodies I'm sending with her You've Been Boo'ed box.  Unfortunately I can't be as sneaky as I am the only person she knows in Hawaii lol.  Any how... here is the Album just for my special friends the Beza's!

I allotted a lot of empty spaces because I KNOW how much she and her husband LOVE to take picture so I left plenty space and made sure there was plenty of journaling as well!!  I can't wait to get this in the mail with the ghost I'm making for the family... I will be sure to take pics to share!

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