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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Raining Happy

Boy has it been awhile since I've posted!....  Well things are starting to slow down a bit and I actually have some exciting news to share!!!  I submitted some cards for publication for the first time ever and one of them was picked up to be published!!!  It will be in Stamp It! Volume 9 of which comes out June 26, I can not wait for everyone to see it.... EEEEK!.... So with that being said I have been working on more cards to submit and realized... Oh my, I have completely neglected my blog!!!  So I've decided to dedicate one card a week to my blog maybe more, we shall see how my new schedule works out for me as I have also been hired to make some Easter and Baby Shower cards.  I can't wait to share those with all of you! 
On a side note, I am still loving it here in Hawaii, even though it has been super rainy the last few days, it's still beautiful and the breeze... oh my, so great!  I had to make this card with the new Ippity Itty Bitty that just shared my feeling for the weather!  I also used a stamp from the Unity Stamp Co Kit of the Month February.  Ready to see what I've been working on?!...

How fun huh?!  If you'd like to purchase the Raining Happy Ippity Itty Bitty go to then click on my name (Annette Marlow) then go to the Categories and select Itty Bitty (Ippity), of which will take you to find this lovely stamp set.  Select as many as you want... even purchase some of Unity's other stamps!  Here is the link to the stamp I used for the background as well... It's the Unity Stamp Co Kit of the Month February.  The cost to become a member is $31.00 a month and worth EVERY penny.  Each month you receive this goody you also get a code on the back to use to get 25% off your order PLUS you get a FREE kit or stamp of your choice as long it's below $29 after you pay $35 (after taxes).  I have yet to come across a better deal!  You can skip a month at any time and can start back up as well easy peasy!  Customer service is phenomenal as well, I had some problems with shipping and I'm telling you, the ladies were on top of it!
Well that's it for me for now as I've got to get some sleep as I've got some great ideas and more stamps to share with you all!!!


Robin said...

Love the card! Congrats on your card being published!!


Pam said...

Congratulations on getting published that is awesome!!

These cards are just so darn cute. A perfect card for Hawaii. The inking and embossing was such a great effect.

I.m glad to hear things are finally settling down. You are blessed.

Hugs, Pam