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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year with New Goals


What a crazy year of life.

That about sums it up for me.  There was a lot going on within the family that just took precedence over my blogging and crafting time for me.  It all started with my husband, poor guy, he had it rough.
 He had knee surgery

 that pretty put him out of commission for a while for driving his motorcycle that we had purchased for our second vehicle here in Hawaii.

 (Confined to the couch, not fun)

  As some or most of you know we are a military family and we had to sell our secondary vehicle as the Army will only ship one vehicle, the other vehicle can be shipped at our expense.  That was out of the question for our budget.  Needless to say I became the chaperon for my kiddos and my husband.  Let me tell ya, that task can wear anyone out.  Especially the kids.  My husband would have to be at PT/Formation as early as 0500, which means we, the family, have to be up no later than 0400 and out of the house by 0430 to get him there on time.  So my schedule looked something like this:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: Get up between 0400 and 0500 drive Hubs to PT.
                                                                       0530-0800 Get kids dressed, fed and taken to school.
                                                                       0830-0900 Take Hubs back to work
                                                                       1300-1430 Pick Kiddos up from school.
                                                                       1530-1600 Pick up Hubs from Work

Thursdays: Same except pick kiddos up at 1230.

Plus to add physical therapy and doctor appointments into the mix, this Momma lived in the car during the week. 

Then when Hubs just got the okay to ride his motorcycle again he injured his foot during an exercise mission at work.  Doctor misdiagnosed his injury telling him he sprained it then, no it's plantar fasciitis.  Went through all that to find out he actually had a fracture in his foot.  Two months of being in cast.




 then the walking boot.

On the road to recovery right.....

My poor husband, lol, went in for a pretty normal oral surgery.  During the anesthesia there was a complication that put him in ICU for three days. 

Talk about a scare that none of us, especially him, do not care to repeat.  His first words, written of course, "WTF".

  'Nuff said. 

2013 had some positives that took these negatives that made them seem small.  My Husband was able to re-enlist, not even a week after getting out of the hospital, to continue his career in the Army.  AS well as received an award for the hard work he has done to achieve it.

WE celebrated Christmas together.

I've decided to start this new year with a promise to myself, don't sweat the small stuff.
If I don't get a blog post done, a card made, so what.  Don't give up, just start where I left off at.  I really wanted to get back into making videos, I even finally scored a tripod, doing so for only $5!!  HECK YEA!
I love sharing my crafty side, but I love my family more.
I appreciate the love and prayers we received during our down time, and I appreciate even more the sharing of our excitement in recovery. 
With all that aside, I managed to get my first project of the year done.  I took a blank 6x6 canvas from Ben Franklin's and went to town with it and created a little something my little guy.
I will be doing a process video when I make my big kiddo one. 

Thank you all so much for the continued support and taking the time to catch up with me.

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