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Friday, May 20, 2011

Crazy is just my first name

Well that's what I've been answering to the past week anyhow.  What a fun filled busy week this has been.  I got a few challenges completed with a couple more to go.  My husband was out in the field all week which left me to take care of me and the boys on my own.... not a big deal... seriously it's not until doctor appointments are needed lol.  So yes we are heading to Hawaii and we have to get physicals and that sort done so that when EMF looks in the system they see that we are healthy do not require special medical care and we can get our orders.  Monday was my lil guys appointment, Tuesday was mine, Wednesday was my oldest, then Thursday I had a dentist appointment.  I did NOT mow the grass as I had hopped I would be able to so that my husband would not have to worry about it... ugh... I felt like a royal donkey's pa-toot.  I was on a mission to find some paper that I wanted to finish my "Father's Day" cards and I found a pack by DCW A Guy Thing... LOVE IT!!  Although I couldn't find the small pack to go with it... boo.  Then my biggest mission was to find some summer/yellow/bright fun paper to make my Momma's Birthday present... After going to three different stores I could NOT find it!!  I was really bummed out because I just had this present in my head, the colors just said it belonged to my Momma, and I couldn't find it.  When I got home, I checked my e-mail as I do on a regular base once things settle.  Finished that, decided I wanted to check out what Mrs. Kristal Andrew was up to, if there was any new challenges and or blogs since I just lalalalove her challenges and blogs.  I just happened to come across her blog candy winners and not really paying that much mined to it, I see MY NAME... nah... it's just a quinkie dink... so I open the blog to read more, and no... it's me... woot woot... I was a little embarrassed as I had gotten a little teary eyed because that paper was EXACTLY what I needed and for me to win it was just awesome!!   I can not.. okay, I can wait, but you understand the excitement I'm sure... to get this pack so I can put together my gift for my Momma.  Kristal, is an amazing woman, I can't say it enough... if you have not read her blogs.. you have got to!  She gives away amazing gifts with her words and blogs... and she does give away some awesome blog candy too... but her words are gifts from God that I look to read and embrace.  I hope everyone has an incredible weekend!  I can't promise I will be on much since we (Husband, kids and I) will be making up for the last eleven days apart.  Hugs!!!

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Anonymous said...

Aww congrats On winning the amazing paper you needed. She does have an amazing blog. And hope you have lots of fun in Hawaii :)