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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rumble, cough, sniffle... RUN

Yes that's been my activities for the last two days!  I was the lucky winner of a bug my oldest son brought home from school Friday... I finally succumbed to it yesterday and it has since made me miserable ;0(  I did manage to make my wonderful other Mom (Mother in Law) her birthday cake... and it gave me the uplift with a giggle.  See image above~ *cough-sniffle* We both have a love for our cats and she has been having a bit of a time with her Dusty Kitty not liking his SUPER EXPENSIVE new litter box... so me having the sick mind that I do at times.... thought this was the perfect up lift she needed... I admit I had too much fun making the tootsie roll messes lol. 
On a side note... no cards were made over the last five days and I'm quiet saddened by that thought, but with me and my boys being under the weather it's been really hard.  Well I need to get dinner put together then I've got some unfinished projects and challenges I want to enter so I've got to get cracking!!  Hugs to all!! 
Thank you Carol and Roy for coming to see us, we already miss you bunches!  Love you!


Anonymous said...

aww I hope you and your son are feeling better.

Amy said...

For the life of me, I could NOT figure out why you were posting a picture of a (sorry) disgusting litterbox!! Then I saw the picture of your son holding what looked to be a piece of... ahem... well, you know!! THANK GOODNESS I kept reading!! :D

Honestly, this is hysterical!! Gross (and I mean that in the nicest way possible!!), but hysterical!! Here's to super-expensive litterboxes not pleasing our cat-bosses... :)

Amy :) at
and Decorate To Celebrate!

Annette_Marlow said...

Amy~ After I posted it I had serious second thoughts, but then if I had... you or others wouldn't get to know me for me. I am full of surprises ;0)

Brenda said...

I too kinda freaked out when I saw the first picture, but my morbid curiosity made me continue to read. LOVE IT and I am seriously considering doing this for my mom. Hahahah. Thanks for being YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

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