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Monday, May 16, 2011


Simply Sunday Challenge: Retro Daddy

This card was a bit difficult for me, it's not becuase I didn't know what I wanted to do, but because it was a lot of trial by error.  I guess that's what life is about as a parent, trial by error.  Being a Military wife I find it hard sometimes to let my husband step in... and that's where the trial by error comes in.  Being a Military wife, my Husband has to miss out on a lot while he is gone even if it's for two weeks.  My mindset is used to doing everything by myself, including playing the Daddy role, so when he's here I have to keep reminding myself to step back and let Daddy be Daddy.  My boys are so blessed to have such an incredible Dad.  I was so afraid to have kids, I even at one point said "I do NOT want kids".  My sister and I did not grow up with a Dad, and quiet frankly my Momma did a FANTASTIC job of raising two VERY independent women.  My Momma let my sister and I learn from our mistakes, she may not have always agreed with what we were doing, but she knew we would learn.  She never once said "I told you so."  It took a nice talk with God and myself to realize that even if my marriage failed, I can be everything my child could ever need.  So in my first marriage I had my oldest after being married for 5 years, then while I was pregnant and he was deployed, he (first husband) left me for another woman.  So I raised my oldest son by myself as Mommy and Daddy and you know what, I wouldn't have changed a day of it!  When I met David, things felt right and that I WANTED more children!  It took us no time to concieve our little guy.  Although I have done most of the raising on my own, when David comes home he steps in and picks up exactly where he left off as if he had never left.  The boys and I are absolutely blessed to have him in our life.  We plan on adding to our little family soon, how exciting to make more Father Day Card's with my little boys while they're still little.


K Andrew said...

Annette, how in the world girl did you make this card? It's absolutely amazing! A paint card card that opens up? I just love it! It's awesome!!!
I also love your story behind the card--I'm a military wife and you are right, there are so many times we are left alone to do thigs and it makes us very independent.
Thanks so much for playing along in my Simply Sunday Challenge at Getting Cricky!

Big Cricky Hugs,
K Andrew of Getting Cricky!

Kathy said...

OMG, I love this paint can card. I don't think I could make one of these. You did such a great job. Good Luck!
Thank you for playing our Simply Sunday Challenge at Getting Cricky.
Kathy - Getting Cricky DTM

Brenda said...

Ok, you HAVE to make a tutorial...I Have to know how you did this. WOW
Love your story...I grew up without a dad and my mom also was both parents and worked full-time. She taught me my independence and I think I turned out pretty good. Hehehe
Thanks for playing along on our Simply Sunday Challenge at Getting Cricky
Brenda Getting Cricky DTM

Squirlygirl said...

Annette, I LOVE your shape card! My father-in-law would love a card like this for sure!

Annette_Marlow said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! I have been working on more cards just like this one with a few variations that I plan on posting when finished.... I am even tinkering with the idea of putting up a tutorial ;0)