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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moose You

This card I have been waiting to make for a while now!  I just wanted to finish some challenges before I got to this one, but I also didn't have the full "vision" I wanted for it just yet.  This morning I woke up to my lovely cat meowing at the door because apparently Daddy forgot to bring her to bed last night... Shame on you David.. Shame!  LoL.. So I went ahead and got up, watched a bit of television, Mr. Mom to be exact.  Love that movie with Michael Keaton!  Giving Ms. Purrcie her scratches and rubs then made my way upstairs while my Husband and lil one slept in.  I glanced at this set of Stampin' Up Moose You and had to finally break it out and make the card for one of my GREATEST friends the Beza Family.  They are amazing and I miss them ever so much.  Misty and I actually pretty much grew up together at school.  We've known each other since.. gosh... elementary/grade school!  Were we the best of friends.. no... I would say that we were more acquaintance than anything else.  We graduated, time passed... we both moved away from our small home town Azle, Texas to have met up again in the most popular place to meet back up with your friends... WalMart here in Lillington!  I was set back.... lol.... My Husband and I were looking for cornstarch because I was making my lil guys Snoopy Birthday cake:

She apparently overheard the two of us and kindly pointed it out to us.... I looked up... *FLASH* I know who that is.... "Misty Harris"?!  She in turn looked at me with these bewildered eyes... "Oh my gosh, I haven't heard that name in a long time!".  Misty and her Husband, Manuel who is also in the Army PCSed here a couple years prior to our move here.  We exchanged numbers started meeting up for play dates, and soon became a family.
We spent Thanksgiving together, my lil one who NEVER goes to anyone but me became super close to Misty as well.  Their little girl Elisa is just as special as her Mommy and Daddy.  My boys absolutely adore her and they always have a great time together!

(Misty, Manuel and my wonderful Father and Mother in law)

 I just love this little family, they actually have since added to their family and sadly I have not had the blessing of meeting Samuel just yet.  They PCSed to Alaska before he was born which brings me to this card!!
They live in Wayne Wright and always see moose!!  So I had to use this stamp set and sentiment for them lol!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend and are keeping those they love and hold dear close.  No matter the distance we all forged a friendship some point in our life although some are not as tightly bonded they are still apart of our lives.

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