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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Mother's Day head start

With May right around the corner why not get started on some Mother's Day cards?!.... My Momma is extra special in my life, as she has been both parents for as long as I and my lil sister can remember.  She was always the one there to support us even if she knew at the end we'd be on our rear ends, but we learned from the experience/lesson.  When I was in school, she bought me my first car... and took it away lol... but I was responsible for my car insurance, maintenance and any traffic violations I may have gotten... which by the way... I got my first 3 in one setting... ugh.... I was terrified to tell my Momma, but at the end of the day it actually wasn't my fault, but I still had to pay for them.  Sorry regressing lol... but my point is, we did chores, paid our own bills and even though back in school I was so discouraged because all my friend's parents paid for their cars, insurance, maintenance and tickets.  I was working a full time job and going to school, got kicked off the tennis team because I couldn't attend all the practices due to work.... Now... I'm 32 years old and realize it was a life lesson.  I am so happy that my Momma did what she did.  I see a majority of my friends and acquaintances from school that can't handle their finances or hold a job.  I am very thankful for my Momma.  I was by no means a perfect angel but considering what trouble I could have been with some of my friends.... My Momma did a GREAT job raising me so I've been working on cards to send her each day of May for Mother's Day all the way up to the day then her Birthday follows shortly after... she's going to be so sick of me, eh oh well... she still will love me ;)
For this card I decided to use the ever so pretty Unity Stamp of the Week Blooming Mama's Day. 
When I very first started out stamping I was using The Angel Company, then I moved onto Stampin Up, now I am an avid shopper of Unity.  I still purchase Stampin Up as well as Close To My Heart.  Close To My Heart is fairly new to me as well, I love their "while supplies last" sales!  Every Wednesday I receive my Stamp of the Week from Unity and I just love them! 
GET YOUR STAMP of the WEEK -  shipped to you AUTOMATICALLY every single WEEK. 
What is the COST of the Stamp of the Week? 
$5.79 - that INCLUDES SHIPPING.  Just $5.79 gets you a NEW STAMP delivered to your door EVERY WEEK. 
Please read carefully .
Our STAMP OF THE WEEK subscriptions is re-occurring. - weekly.
You will automatically receive YOUR VERY OWN Stamp of the WEEK - each week until you wish to cancel your subscription.
There is an initial 3 month commitment to your subscription. After 3 months, you may cancel at anytime.  
If you cancel before the 3 months has been filled there is a $15.00 penalty fee.  
WE DO NOT ALLOW SKIPS ON THE STAMP OF THE WEEK. Once you sign up for a subscription, you must receive your Unity Stamp of the Week for 3 Months.  
How do I sign up? (Click Here)
You can sign up through our Stamp of the Week HERE on the Unity Website -You can sign up at anytime during the week. Once you sign up, your account will be billed that day and the SAME DAY each week.  The CURRENT WEEKS STAMP will be sent out to you IMMEDIATELY.  Your stamp will ship on the SAME DAY each week. 
{For Example:  If you sign up on a Monday - your stamp will be shipped out Tuesday and every Tuesday following that for till you cancel your subscription}
Unfortunately the stamp that I used for this card will not be available for individual purchase for 6 months.  There will be TWO release parties per year featuring all Stamps of the Week on the Unity Website.   June 14, 2012 will be the first release party.   

Well with all that out of the way, I have one more tidbit, if you would like to purchase {ippity} Stamps, be sure to click my name as your Ippity chick ;0)
Now for the reveal of the card!


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