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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ha a day in the life of my Hectic Craft Room!

So I'm back a day earlier.... kinda... I noted that Pink by Design is having a Link it up posting and I figured I'd join in on this ;0)  If I'm not too late with the time difference and all.  So as I have said it's been hectic in the Marlow household.  My oldest has returned from the mainland so we've been playing catch up which has gotten me behind on straightening my craft room after my frantic attempt to get ahead.  HA Joke was/is on me. 
My crafting method is completely Unorthodox, I have a sketch in my head "somewhat" but colors and such just don't always hit me right away so I flip through stamps then I just start grabbing paper etc.  MOST of the time I start with a stamp and work from there, seriously no rhyme or reason to my madness. So I wind up with a cluster on my two desks, the rocking chair and my floor... I know, I know I've got some cringes and shriekes from all of you.  So maybe you should scroll past my picture of "before" lol

HA, yea so the few of you that have decided to remain....
When I finally got my oldest off to school and my lil one calmed down I got started!  First and foremost I had to tackle the scrap boxes yes BOXES and bags, I separated all my solids from my patterned then if the scrap wasn't at least 4x4 I put it in another pile.  If it was less than an inch anything it was put into another pile... stay with me, there's a method to this madness.  I took all my big pieces and put them in the separate boxes for me to use especially all my white pieces, I kept nearly every size of that because I seriously stamp a ton of my sentiments on white then distress and color from there even my images if I'm piecing them.  All my die cuts that I cut too many or the wrong size I put in a Cascade dishwasher tablet container for my boys because I came to the realization that I had 90% of them for well over 2 years and if I haven't used them yet, I'm probably not going to so might as well let my boys.  The smaller scraps I set aside to modge podge my scrap boxes (cardboard), the other boxes with scraps, are for me and my boys, it will keep them out of my uncut paper hehehe.  So I made a dent in my room and this is where I'm at...

Okay so it doesn't look like it, but I promise lol!  Well I'll update again tomorrow with better pictures of a straightened room!

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