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Monday, August 13, 2012


I meant to link up last week with Pink Cricut's Link Up Tuesday and missed it with the whole time difference ;0/  so here I am still trying to catch up HA!
Okay so it's been a rough beginning of August.  School started July 30th and that meant GERMS!  My big guy brought home a virus that spread through the house like wildfire and each of us had different reactions to it.  Myself and our lil guy got the worst of it.  Temps, sorest throat EVER, cough and stuffy nose.  As of yesterday, I actually started feeling a little better.  I went shopping with a friend of mine that I met here, that turns out also PCSed from Fort Bragg and the cool topper... she's also from TEXAS!!!  Awesome!... So after nearly two weeks of quarantine, I got out of the house!
For the first time in almost two weeks I got a full night sleep, no waking up and coughing my brains out.
With that being said, I made a card over the weekend that I MUST share and I MUST show you all my update on my craft room, as the pictures from my last post, (click link to see if you dare), proved that it was a wreck!

Here's my room, all clean.  I still need some organizing re-dos but, I'm at a great start!

Did you notice my "scrap" boxes?  Like I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to use up my smaller pieces and some of my unused die cuts to modpodge to some boxes I had that I was using to hold the scraps for me and my boys to use.

Now finally, some cards that I worked on over the weekend!
I had a clean work area that was just begging to be messed up!

That's it for me today!

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