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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Girl and Her Craftbox Designs Giveaway!

Hello ALL!  So I meant to post sooner in the day, but unfortunately Mommy duties called today.  My lil guy while supposed to be laying down for a nap was playing around on the couch and ended up introducing his chin to the coffee table.... *sigh*  Of course the blood curdling scream... and my frantic yelling at my wonderful husband "GRAB A TOWEL!!!".... He gets a towel..... "GET SOME ICE!!!".... He gets a baggie full of crushed ice while I'm cradling my crying 3 year old, my heart pounding in my throat dreading to see what was under the blood.... ick!  Once I settled down a bit and re-assured my lil guy that everything was okay to let me look he settled down as well.  Poor guy hit the table so hard that his bottom teeth broke the skin on the inside of his lip in three places (most of the blood come from there) and there's a cut on the outside, I'm guessing the corner of the coffee table as it doesn't meet up where the teeth cuts are so thankfully it didn't go completely through.  Then a scrape going across his cut chin and finally it looks like he got a "rug burn" on his chin.  It's going to bruise and his chin is going to have a gnarly scab lol... ICK!  So when all this went down, it made me think of a picture my Momma posted on FB:

Ugh, so not fun, but so true! 
Any how he is quiet the trooper and acted like quiet the champ!  We gave him Motrin for pain and swelling as well as put ice on it and now he's chilling out watching Iron Man 2 with his Dad.

Needless to say... the nap.... NEVER happened so here I am posting now.  Better late than never!

So A Girl and Her Craftbox Designs... WoW!  Erin has some amazing wreaths that she makes herself and sells them.  They are all Military related as she is a Marine Corp wife (did I say that right) also stationed here on the great island of Hawaii.  She has an English Bulldog named Daisy Mae and a turtle named Peanut Tillman... how stinking cute is that?!  She too has been crafty since a wee one and has been doing it since.  I cracked up laughing when she divulged that she used to make magic potions with her brother by mixing soap and her Mother's perfume (ooops)!  WE all start somewhere... right?!...

I know most of my followers are mostly card makers but honestly where would we be if we didn't support our crafty sisters.... This is especially special to me as she is also connected to the military.  Where as our husbands are not in the same branch, ( I won't hold that against her hehehe), we military spouses have a special connection and what ever we can do to support one another is a BIG TO DO on my list.  Definitely go by her page and give her the love!  Need more of an incentive?..... Sheesh.... Okay so here it is... SHE'S HAVING A 500 FAN GIVEAWAY!  Yes indeedy,  Erin thought it would be cool to include other businesses and vendors ran by military spouses... darn tootin' that's COOL!
That means a winner will be drawn for EACH prize! 

So you ask who else is participating in her BIG giveaway..... Me... of course!  I couldn't pass up this opportunity!  I will be giving away a set of cards which will include:

They do not have to be the cards you see in the picture above, those are just a few of the several I have up that you can choose from.

The next Vendor is also a Marine Corp Wife and April hails from JAPAN!!  Stinking cool!  Are you in the market for a family friendly hand-sewn items to make life pretty... even prettier then Marine Parents the shop IS the shop to go to!  What is the prize coming from her you ask...

April has Military and Girly make-up bags (we never have enough of those), ruffled pouches, toddler backpacks (school is just right around the corner... hello!), E-Reader/Ipad covers, Camera strap covers... omg sooo much more! How stinking cute!.... Can I participate in this giveaway!.... Stop by her FB page and click that LIKE button!!!  Oh and oh my she has a blog... if you've gotten this far then YOU have to stop by her Blog Marine Parents Blog and Shop.  Ugh her story is nothing short of AMAZING!!  I'm not much of softy... nope... Mrs... Zombie brain munching... GRRR ARRGH self... but a brain fragment got in my eye and caused it to tear up... yea.... I said it... I teared up!!  How amazing is it for April through her downfalls to rebound the way she did... and her Husband... Caleb... HE TAUGHT HER TO SEW!!!  Amazing!  The ADORABLE pictures of her little family just screams Hallmark!

Are y'all stoked yet....?..... Well I'm not done... there is ANOTHER giveaway to tell you about!

Ryan Works!... Ryan Works offers a wide range of products for the entire family.... the ENTIRE family yes, your little fur babies too!  What's even more is that every product is handmade in the good ole US!  They too are an active duty family that understands that high quality and great value co-exist!  The prize up for grabs is.... (drum roll)....

Be sure to go on over to their FB page and add them!


Stella & Dot!  Megan has a great prize she has lined up for one lucky reader!  Okay to the next... wait... what?... You want to know what she's giving away... okay, okay, okay... Are you ready?!
HOLY SCHNIKES BATMAN!  Can you blame me for trying to skip this one?!... I WANT!!  Look at the goodies you can put that $20 towards some fun, fashionable flirty bling!  Megan is an independent stylist here in Hawaii so you know the summer sales of 40% off are a HUGE hit right now!  It's shorts and tanks all year round!  Megan also has a FB page for you to keep up to date on the going ons of Stella & Dot so go on over there and click that "Like" button!

Up next...
Who loves vinyl creations?!... This lady does!  So does the next vendor The Vinyl Lady, The Vinyl Lady has joined in and is giving away:
Did I read that right?!  A Custom Decal, up to 11 x 23?!  The winner will also have choice of the color... what a lucky winner!  To learn more about The Vinyl Lady click on their link up above!

Now how would Erin have a giveaway and not have a prize of her own to include?... She wouldn't!  This amazing woman is giving away
WoWzers!  How personable is that to include name tapes?  What are name tapes you ask, for those of you that are my civilian followers... it's pretty self explanatory but I have been asked that before, a name tape is the soldier's last name that is on their uniform.  I will be putting in an order come November... that's right Erin... get ready!

So there it is.... There will be a WINNER for each PRIZE, that's right.... SIX WINNERS! So GO GO GO to Erin's Facebook page and her Blog to get ALL the details!

Now to share some cards that I have made Sunday and Monday for a giveaway I had myself!  My page finally reached 30 likes and the winner asked if I could make a couple cards with a specific theme and or color and these are what I came up with.
First one is a "Just Because" card, the shakers "shake" hehehe.  I even made my own wobbles to place on the back of the shakers. 
 This card is obviously for her sister.  The winner informed me that her sister LOVES dolphins so this is what I came up for her.
 This card is for the winner's Mother in Law, I was informed that the M-I-L really likes pink and purple.
 Next a card for her Husband.  I actually pieced the image together so the heart would actually "flutter" cute eh?!
 Lastly a card for the winner's Dad.  This one I used the winner's profile picture to really make this card more personable.  I even went the extra mile to add "high-lights" to her hair.  I noted that they had three children and was able to include them on this card.
Well that's that!  Please continue to visit me and check out my Paper Pajamas Home Made Cards on Face Book!  Check out my store too! 

Thanks everyone!

****Just a Note****
I will be away as my big guy will be returning home from visiting family on the mainland.  I should be back posting August 1st!

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Erin {A Girl and Her Craftbox Designs} said...

Thanks for blogging about the giveaway! Your sooo funny! I can't wait until November to make your order!! Thanks for being a part of my 500 fan giveaway!! :)


P.S. I hope your little guy feels better! I did that once before when I was little except I was on my dads shoulders and ice skates! Ekkk! Not sure how I didn't crack my head open! :P